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The Baseball Show: Episode 4 Opening Week

It’s Opening Week! We read some wild predictions, check in on Josh Donaldson’s new hair style and reveal why Ricardo will never sit in premium seats.

Special thanks to Sarah Colonna for the intro!


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The Baseball Show: Episode 3

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The Baseball Show: Episode 2

Why the hell is everyone yelling?! This week we talk about Mike Trout not bat flipping, dinosaur invasions and why Kate Upton hasn’t been returning Ricardo’s calls.

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The Baseball Show: Episode 1

IT’S HERE! The premiere episode of The Baseball Show!

Today, we cover Dan Haren’s comeback, Dioneer Navarro’s Micro-Pig, Yasiel Puig’s domestic abuse case, Price Fielder’s sleeping habits, Bryce Harper’s workout and talk to the vet who found out Hank the Pup is really Hank the pup!

The Baseball Show is also a collaborative effort meaning if you hate the stuff Mina and Ricardo are writing, YOU CAN ACTUALLY HELP WRITE THE JOKES! Have a hot take on something that happened in baseball? Tweet to us @TheWonderBat or leave a comment on our Facebook page and if we think you’re funnier than us (which you probably are) your joke/take will be featured on the show and listed in the credits of each episode!

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Would Ricardo Ever Shave His Beard?

We’re talking the hottest news in baseball this week: Kris Bryant and Andrew McCutchen’s new haircut (NOOOOOOOOO!!).

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The Wonder Bat REVIVAL

Sorry we’ve been gone for so long. BUT WE’RE BACKKKKKK.

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Goodbye MLB Fan Cave

Obviously this is just my perspective as a former dweller from the 2013 season. Every season was pretty different. 

First things first. I loved being in the Fan Cave. There’s never a moment where I regret moving to New York for 7 months, meeting players and celebrities, going to the World Series, etc. I could go on and on about the amazing things I got to do but I’m only writing this post because it’s now closing. Well at least the Dweller aspect which was the main premise from the start. So here are my two cents on where it went wrong for the Dwellers.


It’s been almost exactly two years since I got a call from the MLB telling me that I’d be one of the lucky few moving to New York. I don’t remember much from the call (I was hiding in an empty office at my then current job) but what I do remember is hearing them tell me they loved the creativity that I brought to my audition and they were looking forward to see how I’d be using it in the Fan Cave.


Fast forward a few weeks. All nine dwellers are sitting around a large conference table at MLB HQ. We talk some logistics but then we get to the juicy part: eliminations. How do you get eliminated? Not quite sure. They keep everything pretty vague.

So…we were pretty confused from the get go. What exactly did they want from us? In the back of my head, I kept thinking BE CREATIVE BE CREATIVE. That’s what got me here in the first place, right? I started making some videos and became the resident photoshopper. I kept steering my “brand” that way, trying to get into the minds of the executives of how they’re making the big decisions.

I’d come home many nights chatting with my fellow dwellers about how we could stay in this “competition”. But we would just end in frustration because we didn’t know how to compete. We weren’t ever sure what they wanted us to be or do and that is the saddest part about the Dwellers not being apart of the Fan Cave now – we were just underutilized. Sure you can say isn’t getting paid to watch baseball enough? But there will always be a part of me that wanted to give them more of myself creatively. And of course, I get their side of it too. They didn’t want to make it where we all got super competitive and hated each other but it left us just guessing blind.


(On a side note: I’ve always wondered why didn’t they make a mini reality series with the Dwellers. I thought it’d be interesting to document the psychological effects of actually watching 2000+ games in the Cave. I almost had a complete melt down during a Rangers losing streak, while the Athletics just kept winning. And there was plenty of drama between the Dwellers. What else would you expect with having 9 fans from different cities spending 24 hours everyday together? Isn’t that kind of interesting though? But I think that was all too risky for MLB to do and they didn’t want the spotlight to be on us but hey, they missed out on quality #content.)


But kudos to MLB for taking on this project in the first place. It was an ambitious concept and the things they did with the space was really incredible. I am forever grateful for the Fan Cave (and Pepsi) for the opportunity they gave me. I had the time of my life getting to do some crazy things. I got my feet wet in sports and made friends for life. I got to meet fans that personally told me how much they loved the Fan Cave and the stuff we did, so they were doing something right. It’s sad to think they’re giving up on the Dweller aspect but I’m hopeful they’ll replace it with something that works for both them and the fans.


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