Trying to find a baseball match on Tinder

Everybody knows what Tinder is, right? It’s the greatest/funniest/most important invention of our generation. Here’s a quick breakdown. You sign in through Facebook, select pictures of yourself, write a little bio, and then the app goes ahead and finds people (be it women or men, whichever you fancy) in your area. That’s about it. But the catch is, with every girl/guy that pops up, you say “liked” or “nope” to each of them. However, you won’t know if somebody likes or dislikes you, unless you both like each other. If you both like somebody, that opens up a private chat where you can begin the courting process. Spit some game. Chit chat. Get actual phone numbers. MAYBE meet in person if you think you’re not getting catfished.

With that in mind, we went and tried to find some Tinder matches. HOWEVER. They have to be baseball fans. Have to be. To find this out, we gotta quiz them. One of the unwritten rules of Tinder is that you have to open up with a funny line or question or something. This is what we’ve got so far:

Seemed like an easy answer. Guess not.

This guy had game coming out of his earholes.

Kind of shocked with the no explanation here.

This one was promising.

But then…

Nothing worse than a bandwagoner.

Sometimes you get bots that try to get you to pay for sexy-talk. 

Thought this was a good question? Guess not.

She’s an actual baseball fan. That was surprising to say the least.

That was all we had tweeted from Valentine’s Day. We have plenty more. We’re going to be tweeting those out using #TWBonTinder, so follow us @TheWonderBat. And send us your baseball Tinder chats and we’ll retweet them!


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