Prediction Time!

The time has finally come. It’s the mothereffing postseason. And with any playoff system, it’s always best to make some bets.

Each team we get right is a point based on our complex point system:

Wild Cards – 1 pt each
Division Series – 1.5 pt each
Championship Series – 2 pt each
World Series – 2.5 pts

Let the games begin.

2014 postseason pred

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Anything But the Dodger Dog

We will never understand why the Dodger Dog is a staple at Dodger Stadium. It is seriously the worst. So instead of eating those at the game, Ricardo and Mina went around looking for the best grub and reviewed it so you don’t waste your money the next time you go. You’re welcome.

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Podcast Ep 5 with Danny Farris (!!!)

We talk bad beat writers, the competition in the NL and of course nude photos.

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A Controversial Night for the Angels and Athletics

A special edition of the podcast where Ricardo and Mina talk about the controversy and the social fallout after the Angels and Athletics obstruction play.

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The Wonder Bat Podcast: Episode 4

We bought a mic and chatted about a bunch of different shit which includes:

- The new MLB Commish

- Upcoming Baseball Trips

- Angels vs A’s

- Fake Fans

- Position Player Pitching

- The VMA’s

- And answered some of your Twitter questions!

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Tarp of Dreams

So I was watching a ton of celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos to sleep last night when I ran into Emma Stone’s video. Of course I was extremely excited to watch and though it was simple, something she said stood out:

Hm…Andrew Gar-Field of Dreams. How funny! I wonder if that’s their favorite movie or if they’re both huge baseball fans and would like to go see a game with me someday.

Anyways, I digress. Last night the Cubs/Giants game was delayed for a LONG time b/c the Cubbies grounds crew had some issues laying out the tarp in time and it was a complete disaster. That game was officially called late around 11:30 PT. So watching ALS videos plus a late called game equals Tarp of Dreams.


Welcome to my mind.
tarp of dreams
“If you build it, they will destroy it.” – Cubs grounds crew, probably

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Podcast Ep. 3!

We’re back with an audio only podcast! We talk:

- Things That We Thought Would Happen Before Altuve’s Grand Slam
– Bad Promotions
– Answer Twitter Questions

and a lot of other fun stuff! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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